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Posted by David Wallace on May 7, 2020

Hello, Casas Pediatrics Families! We hope everyone is doing well, we now have our Saturday Flu vaccine schedule up. Here are the dates: 9/18/2021, 9/25/2021, 10/02/2021, 10/09/2021, 10/16/2021 and 10/23/2021. You can call the office at your convenience to get your child/children scheduled for their flu shots. We do have weekday appointments available as well.

The Covid-19 Vaccine and Pediatric Patients.

The FDA just approved the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine down to 12 years of age. Soon you will be able to have your children, 12 years of age and older get the vaccine. Because of the cold storage requirements of this vaccine, we will not be able to administer this vaccine in our office. You can get this vaccine at many pharmacies now and, the vaccine centers at Tucson Medical Center, Tucson Convention Center and Kino. We recommend that our patients get this vaccine. While pediatric patients are generally lower risk for Covid complications, that does not mean they are at no risk. Children being vaccinated protects not only them but, others around them that may be more vulnerable. The side effects include arm soreness, headaches, body aches and fever for a couple of days. These are mRNA vaccines (messenger RNA), meaning they teach your body how to make antibodies against the Covid protein spike. They do NOT change your DNA. The sooner we are vaccinated, the sooner we can stop wearing masks and see our lives return to normal. For more information about the Covid-19 vaccine please visit the CDC website at: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/keythingstoknow.html

If you have any questions, call and leave a message for your pediatrician and we will call you back as soon as we can so that we can answer your questions and address your concerns.

Hello, Casas Pediatrics families! During the COVID 19 pandemic, your child’s medical care matters more than ever! If you are interested in a remote telemedicine visit, please call the office (520)751-3675 to schedule an appointment. Our staff will determine if your child’s medical condition is appropriate for telemedicine, or if an office visit is necessary.  If you have Chrome, Firefox or a smartphone, it is easy to do telemedicine by simply clicking on your doctor’s link! There is no app or software to download! http://Doxy.me is HIPAA compliant, secure, and private.
Thank you and stay safe!